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How does a Kinesiology session work?

Your body will tell you. Your body is your best indicator of health. It will show where there are blockages and this indicates an imbalance in that particular energy circuit (known as a meridian). This block may be emotional/spiritual, mental, chemical, structural or energetic. During a Kinesiology consultation Sarah will correct the imbalance using various tools:

  • Supplements and diet
  • Bach & Bush Flower remedieshand in pray around the sun
  • Various stress relief techniques
  • Gentle structural realignment
  • Aromatherapy Massage/Skin stretching
  • Chakra balancing/Alpha Alignment
  • Suggested lifestyle changes
  • Colour/sound balances

Systematic muscle testing builds a complete picture of how well the whole person is. The exact treatment you receive will depend on the feedback your body gives through each muscle test (uses the Central Nervous system). The treatment applied ensures that you achieve optimum health, vitality & well being.

What happens in a Kinesiology session?

At the initial consultation, you are asked to fill a confidential client history which goes into detail of medical history – illnesses experienced in your life, past injuries, allergies, operations etc. If you are taking any medication or supplements.

Next, you will be asked to lie down, fully dressed, on a treatment table (Kinesiology table) and we will get to work systematically muscle testing each energy circuit. Testing the muscles indicates how a particular organ is functioning or how well a certain chemical is balanced in your body or how an emotional concern may in fact be affecting you.

How long does a  Kinesiology session take?

Your first session involves looking at your medical history, your current concerns and what you would like to focus on and achieve with Kinesiology.

This takes approximately 1.5 hours. Follow up sessions usually go for about 1 hour.

How long before I see changes and notice a difference?

This depends on the condition that you came in for, how long you have been suffering with it and also how committed you are to working with the Kinesiology to take responsibility for your health. Clients Sarah sees usually feel a positive effect after the first session, many saying that they feel “lighter” less burdened by any aches & pains that have given acute or chronic discomfort in the past.

As a general rule, anywhere between 3 to 6 sessions of Kinesiology will show real & lasting improvement to your condition – improving overall vitality & wellbeing.

After that time, it is recommended that you have routine balances two to three times a year. This keeps the body maintained, tuned & ticking over nicely.

“It is very important to look after your body, mind & spirit and be aware of your emotions. Be kind to yourself & love every part of yourself” Sarah Floate

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